The pictures are enlarged so that you can see the quality of the iris. Small variations are possible in colour. The pictures are made to see the different colours. Through this the naturally lock is lost. But I think do you know that our eyes are very naturally.

All eyes are hand made in the old traditional method known as

"crystal - glass - eyes - manufacturing".

If you want eyes, within the pretended tolerance, with larger or smaller iris or larger or smaller pupil diameter, you can declare such specifications on your order. We manufacture eyes to your specifications too - letís talk about the price.
Our II. quality eyes are specially  suitable for beginners and seminars, and are sold at special quantity prices. These eyes are not our prime quality, but they are mostly available in all colours and a excellent alternative to plastic eyes. Our glass eyes are alive  and expressive.
From customers from inside EU I need the EU-ID No. named for instance Germany:  DE...........! If I have this I don't have to add VAT.

You will be guaranteed a fixed client-discount on all prices provided that you send us a copy of your retail license.
Special bargain quotations, fixed prices, eyes to your specification and bear eyes are excluded from that discount.
There 2 prices one is VAT including and one without VAT. Shipment expenses are not included.

The iris of all eyes for dolls is normally 50% to 55% of the eye diameter.
Paperweight eyes and Googly eyes have a little bit larger iris 55% to 60%.

General Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. General
The following terms and conditions apply to all contracts, deliveries and other commercial transactions. We expressly disclaim deviating terms and conditions of the purchaser, unless that we expressly agree to such deviations in writing.
2. Price
Our  price quotations are gross or net. Shipment expenses are not included. There is no minimum turnover. The date of issue of a revised price list substitutes the until now used prices.
3. Deliveries
We will select the route of shipment that is most favourable to you. Partial shipments are permissible as far as unavoidable. Unless that a specific delivery date was been confirmed. Deliveries will be made at the soonest possible time among observance of the EU law ( earliest 10 days after Internet order - other agreement is possible).
4. Data security
The needed data for handling the order will be filed. All personal data are confidential. Personal dates communicated  in the Internet can't be secured by us and you can't justify rights against us.
We reserve ourselves expressly the feasibility at check your creditworthiness.
5. Payment
Please pay within 14 days without deductions, unless cash on delivery or cash in advance has been agreed. If cash in advance has been agreed we register 14 days after the merchandise has been dispatched.
We delay payments with a interest rate of the current discount rate of the Europäischen Zentralbank plus 7%  plus V.A.T. from the calculation sum. For every letter of reminder we will calculate 3.-- Ä.
6. Reservation of title
The reservation of title  exists about the merchant until full payment has been effected. The purchaser may sell the obtained products with reservation of title. He withdraw as a precaution all claims, until to height of our calculation sum.
7. Right to return the merchandise
The merchandise may be returned in standard quality within 14 days - 20 days for countries outside the EU. The purchaser will be credited for merchandise returned in unused state and original packing. This does not apply to special bargain sales, eyes to specification or to substandard articles.
8. Warranty
We will remedy faulty of the merchandise by exchange, provided that the defective merchandise is returned  within 14 days (20 days for countries outside the EU).
9. Liability
We exclude any liability for delayed delivery, impossibility of performance, infringement of any accessory or protective obligation (whether contractual or statutory), as well as any non-contractual liability, unless that the damage has been caused by gross negligence from us. Irrespective of the legal basis of the claim, our liability will be limited to three times the amount of the contract price. 

The UN - sales law comes for no one contract  to application.

10. Place of performance / Jurisdiction
The place of performance is Lauscha, country Thuringia, Germany.
The place of jurisdiction is Sonneberg, country Thuringia, Germany.
                                                                                                          Issue: 06/10/2002